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Descendants of Survivors of Genocide – Victims of Continued Ethnic Cleansing

The Chickamauga have existed from time immemorial. In 2015, the Chiefs of the most known Chickamauga tribes across the Southeast and Midwest were invited to reconvene the National Council of the Chickamauga. Numerous and varying tribes voted to reconvene the National Council of the Chickamauga resulting in The Chickamauga Nation. 

Historically, archaeologically, and anthropologically identified as indigenous, the Chickamauga are Mound Builders whose culture and religion are well established both historically and anthropologically in what is known as the Southeast Ceremonial Complex.  From time immemorial, the traditional homelands and hunting lands of the Chickamauga have been in the Southeast Woodlands along the river systems of the Tennessee River, the Arkansas River, the Ohio River, and the Mississippi River extending from Tennessee to Northern Georgia, Western South Carolina, Western North Carolina, Kentucky, Western Virginia, the Tennessee River Valley in Alabama, the Arkansas River Valley in Arkansas and Oklahoma, and the Mississippi River valley in Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, and Arkansas.

The Chickamauga Nation is traditionalistic and follow the ancient laws and religion which demand they are a non-casino Nation; they are opposed to gaming.  As such, The Chickamauga Nation is an economic development Nation that seeks to work with federal, state, and local entities to bring economic development to the whole community in which the Chickamauga live. The Chickamauga seek to be placed on the Serviced Tribes Roll to allow The Chickamauga Nation and its citizens the opportunity to qualify for various grants to assist and promote economically disadvantaged communities, cities,and states within their Treaty and Traded Land Boundaries. 

If you would like to read more about the Nation’s storied history, we encourage you to read more on our History page.

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